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Toggle this category American Bladesmith Society, Inc.

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Forum News

General Forum news posted by the Forum Administrator and Forum Moderators.

  • 33 Topics
  • 106 Replies

Toggle this category The Forged Blade

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Forging Techniques

This is a Forum to discuss forging methods and techniques.

  • 60 Topics
  • 556 Replies
Unread forum

Damascus Steel

Discussion of techniques in making Damascus steel.

  • 84 Topics
  • 754 Replies
Unread forum

Blade Grinding and Sharpening

Discussion of Grinding Techniques, Abrasives, Grinders, Sharpening and Blade Finishing.

  • 41 Topics
  • 340 Replies
Unread forum

Apprentice Corner

A place to post questions by those new to forging and bladesmithing.

  • 204 Topics
  • 1,433 Replies

Toggle this category Metallurgy

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Unread forum

Heat Treating

Discussion and questions about heat treating.

  • 151 Topics
  • 1,113 Replies

Toggle this category Design and Construction

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General Design Discussion

Discussion of design concepts and construction techniques used in building forged knives including bowie, hunter, integral, dagger, antique, folding,ect.

  • 80 Topics
  • 523 Replies
Unread forum

Artistic Design Techniques

Discussion of artistic techniques used to enhance a knife including file work, engraving,carving,silver wire inlay,and other skills.

  • 21 Topics
  • 130 Replies
Unread forum

Work in Progress (WIP)

Demonstration and discussion of the steps to build a specific style knife

  • 55 Topics
  • 424 Replies
Unread forum

Show and Tell - Your Work

A place to show and tell about your work. You can also request constructive critiques and useful advice.

  • 284 Topics
  • 1,621 Replies
Unread forum

Handles and Guards

Discussion about the materials used and the construction (hidden tang,frame,mortice,full tang,ect.) of handles and guards.

  • 78 Topics
  • 412 Replies
Unread forum


Discussion of design and techniques for making sheaths

  • 20 Topics
  • 101 Replies
Unread forum

Forged Edged Tools

Discussion of design concepts and construction techniques used in building forged tools, tomahawks, pipe hawks, and axes.

  • 12 Topics
  • 53 Replies
Unread forum

Folding Knives

Discussion of design and construction techniques

  • 10 Topics
  • 134 Replies

Toggle this category Tools and Materials

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Unread forum

Tools, Equipment, and Jigs

Discussion and tips on tools, equipment, and jigs used in bladesmithing.

  • 170 Topics
  • 1,047 Replies
Unread forum

Materials and Supplies

Discussion and tips on materials and supplies used in bladesmithing

  • 75 Topics
  • 353 Replies
Unread forum

Reference Books and Videos

Discussion about books, videos, and other reference materials on bladesmithing and related techniques.

  • 25 Topics
  • 53 Replies
Unread forum

Knife Photography

Discussion of techniques to show your work and methods of work through still and video photography

  • 6 Topics
  • 21 Replies
Unread forum

Tailgate Tool Sales

A place for ABS members to locate available tools and supplies. All transactions, trades, and sales of tools and supplies are conducted between private parties.

  • 86 Topics
  • 186 Replies

Toggle this category ABS Educational Programs

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American Bladesmith Society Approved Schools

Texarkana College, Haywood Community College, New England School of Metalwork, Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil Bladesmith School, La Forge d' Ostiches, and Heavin Forge School offer ABS approved Bladesmithing courses. Forum for information and discussion about these programs.

  • 115 Topics
  • 465 Replies
Unread forum

ABS Hammer-Ins

Forum for information and discussion about official ABS sponsored Hammer-Ins and ABS endorsed Hammer-Ins

  • 84 Topics
  • 625 Replies
Unread forum

ABS Master Smith and Journeyman Smith Testing

A place to learn the rules, seek advice, obtain critiques of your work, and discuss the journey to earning a Master Smith or Journeyman Smith rating in the American Bladesmith Society.

  • 115 Topics
  • 815 Replies
Unread forum

Educational Videos

A place to post "How To" videos that show bladesmithing techniques or demonstrate the building or use of tools and jigs for knife making.

  • 26 Topics
  • 75 Replies

Toggle this category ABS Special Events

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Unread forum

Atlanta Blade Show

Forum for information and discussion about official ABS sponsored Events -
Blade Show, Atlanta, GA

  • 47 Topics
  • 132 Replies
Unread forum

ICCE Show - Kansas City

Forum for discussion about the (ICCE) International Custom Cutlery Exposition and other official ABS sponsored Events.

  • 30 Topics
  • 102 Replies

Toggle this category General Discussions

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Topic of the Month

A bladesmithing Topic is posted monthly by the Moderators for discussion. All ABS Forum members are invited to join in and participate in these discussions.

  • 70 Topics
  • 1,348 Replies
Unread forum

General Member Discussions

General member discussions in public area.

  • 62 Topics
  • 294 Replies
Unread forum

ABS Member News

A place to post news about ABS members, milestones, or awards.

  • 156 Topics
  • 620 Replies
Unread forum

New ABS Forum Member Introductions

A place to introduce and welcome new ABS Forum members. Please tell us about yourselves.

  • 202 Topics
  • 1,235 Replies
Unread forum

ABS Member Events

Forum for information and discussion of non-ABS sponsored member hammer-ins, classes, seminars, and educational events.

  • 95 Topics
  • 230 Replies

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